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The Taj Mahal is the most celebrated of all monuments to love.  But how relevant is it in today's quest for love? 




The Taj Mahal is the most celebrated of all monuments to love.  But how relevant is it in today's quest for love?

“An enigmatic book that takes you beyond a spiritual journey.” Shemiza Rashid, Creative Muslim Network

I loved the Black Taj Mahal.  It gave me a fascinating insight into the way that Islam interfaces with the modern business world. A good read.” Judy Cecil, Headteacher, Hereford

“A unique and clear hearted perception…” Bryn Elias, Head of Art, FUS


A story woven around the historic Count Dracula, who fought against a Muslim Sultan at a time the Pope legalised the enslaving of Muslims. The spiritual fantasy introduces Count Vlad's actual younger brother Radu, and the remarkable Sultan, Mehmed II. Harem Princesses feature heavily, as do demons, jinn and blobs of dry humour. A civilization that has long been forgotten is referenced through famous Muslim scientists, artists and others from yesteryear. Who were they? What did they actually do? And how did their minds discover so much? How did historic Islam really relate to Christianity at the time of the Crusades? They are interlaced throughout the book with observations of the modern world from the point of view of a future time traveller. Once you have finished reading the book, you may well retain it on your bookshelf for there are hundreds of sayings and poetic responses floating around the margins. The author has selected sayings from each century after the death of the Prophet, upon whom be peace, to give readers a real flavour of wisdom from the Muslim world. The size and feel of the book is based on a retro VHS video cover. The fantasy is written as a film with dialogue pieces in stop-start-stop scenes to enable your imagination to kick start a film set in your mind. Sultan vs. Dracula attempts to paint a picture of a long lost world.


Sean Stone, Hollywood Actor and son of Multi Oscar winning Director Oliver Stone