the fantasy story

Written as a film with dialogue pieces and intermissions after each scene.  Your imagination will want to race through the story, but your mind will urge it to stop now and then at the historical and political commentary.  There are hidden meanings attached to the characters and events in the story.  The reader must unravel this alchemy. 




history of the Muslim world 

A civilization that has long been forgotten comes alive through references to famous Muslim scientists, artists and others from yesteryear.  Who were they? What did they actually do? And how did their minds discover so much? They are interlaced throughout the book with observations of the modern world from the point of view of a future time traveller.  When modern civilization is no more.







sayings of Muslim Mystics

Once you have finished reading the book, you may well retain it on your bookshelf for there are hundreds of sayings and poetic responses floating around the edges.  The author has selected sayings from each century after the death of the Prophet upon whom be peace to give readers a real flavour of wisdom from the Muslim world.  




Islamic Art

The adventure comes alive through Islamic Calligraphy and Art strategically placed at various stopping points in the spiritual fantasy.  The Art is symbolic and the author provides a clue to their meaning through thought provoking statements.




Furniture Piece

Don't just see this as yet another book for your bookshelf.  It is a concept book.  An art-thing for you to keep and treasure.   Sultan vs. Dracula is a piece of furniture, designed and written for you to dip in and out of at your leisure.  Keep it in your room as art decor. The size and feel of the book is based on the retro VHS video cover, and when you hold the book you will know what we mean.  The fantasy is written in scenes to enable your imagination to kick start a film set in your mind.  A bit like being at the movies, but unlike a night out at the cinema, this book will challenge you.  It will make you question stuff you take for granted.  Though it is hugely entertaining, Sultan vs. Dracula is a powerful voice in the spiritual wilderness.  Four books in one.  



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