Sean Stone, Hollywood Actor, Filmmaker and son of 

multi-Oscar winning Director Oliver Stone with his 

copy of Sultan vs. Dracula



customer reviews from Amazon:



"Sultan vs Dracula is a book that will keep you hooked

to the very end.  I have read and re-read this book so many

times I have lost count!  Each time I read this book I find 

so many things that I have missed and that I wouldn't have

ever have had a chance to contemplate had I not picked 

up this book.  It is beautifully written and the calligraphy is

breathtaking, illustrations in the book make me feel as if I

am surrounded by the characters in my own home.

I guarantee that this book is unlike any that you will ever read,

for me there is nothing similar out there.  A definite must read!"

by Farah 


Imaginative and engaging Book

"If you are the kind of person who likes 'Dr Who' then it is 

very likely that you will really enjoy this book.  The story has 

many layers that connect to make a whole concept of fantasy,

morality and adventure.  Written in a twenty first century style,

the concepts have deep roots.  Razwan Ul-Haq has so many

ideas but brilliantly pulls the story off in a really cool humorous 

way.  The story is not like a riddle but you do have to put on your

thinking cap beyond a 'Good vs Evil' genre as there is much

connected parallel philosophy.  The illustrations give an authentic

cultural identity to the story which mixes enjoyable fiction and

factual content."

by Brynley Elias





customer review from Waterstones:


five stars

"The story is fast paced and I would describe the story as an easy 

read.  This was good as the whole genre is new for me.  I like the 

straightforward notes the author provides to fill in the historic gaps for

people like me!  There are deep sayings on each page too which makes the

book a sort of a spiritual manual.  The book is full of beautiful Islamic Art and

there are interesting quotes on each Artwork.  I would recommend Sultan v

Dracula if anyone is interested in buying it as it is totally different to mainstream

Dracula stories.  The only negative side is that it takes a long time to read,

being over 400 pages."

by Laura the Artist




customer review from the book depository :


five stars

"This book is a really interesting read. I don't want to give away too much 

but it really does grab you from the moment you pick it up. I learnt a 

lot of new things as there is a lot of background factual information along with the fantasy 

story. The Art complements the story well and there was just enough ambiguity

 in the images that made me explore them a bit more. Initially I was reading

 the sufi sayings on the side as part of the main story but then realised that they 

were different from the story. That sort of confused me at first but the book is 

so well done, that I just have to give it 5 stars. It really is a nicely presented book. 

The feel and the concept of it works well."

by Johanna Le Neuf


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